The Institute for Resource and Security Studies (IRSS) is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, registered in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1984 to conduct technical and policy research and public education, with the objective of promoting international security and sustainable use of natural resources. IRSS programs always reflect our interest in practical solutions to resource, environment and security problems. These programs are conducted in five broad areas. Funding sources for our work include grants from foundations or public agencies, contracts from public interest groups, government agencies or international organizations, and gifts from individuals. IRSS's work is overseen by a six-member board.


Board of Directors


John Clark, musician (Cambridge, MA)


Gail Epstein, former director of public service programs, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)


Robert Goble, research professor, Clark University (Brookline, MA)


Paula Gutlove, deputy director, IRSS (Cambridge, MA)


Gordon Thompson, executive director, IRSS (Cambridge, MA)


Paul Walker, director, environmental security and sustainability program, Green Cross/Global Green (Washington, DC)


Key Staff


Executive Director

Gordon R. Thompson, D.Phil., is the executive director of IRSS. He was educated in Australia and the UK, in engineering and science, obtaining his doctorate from Oxford University in 1973. Dr. Thompson has been based in the United States since 1979. Over the past three decades he has acquired wide experience with natural resource, international security, and sustainability issues. One of his areas of interest is the impacts of nuclear technologies and the opportunities to limit those impacts. Dr. Thompson has coordinated multidisciplinary teams, organized international conferences, and provided expert testimony in a variety of contexts.


Deputy Director

Paula Gutlove, D.M.D., is the deputy director of IRSS, the director of IRSS's International Conflict Management Program, and a professor of practice at the School of Management, Simmons College. She was trained in social science and medicine, and has been working in social change, conflict management and program development since 1979. Dr. Gutlove was founding executive director of the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility (1981-1983), the Center for Psychology and Social Change (1985-1989), and the Balkans Peace Project (1991-1997). She has been a program consultant to numerous non-profit and inter-governmental organizations, and has facilitated dialog and conflict resolution training sessions in the USA, USSR, CIS, Japan, Australia, Europe, and the Balkans.


Supporting Staff


Staff Accountant

John Smith




Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Thomas Boudreau is a senior research fellow at IRSS.  He is also a professor at Salisbury University, Maryland, where he teaches in the Center for Conflict Resolution.  One of his research interests is the concept of Earth’s atmosphere as a global trust.


Senior Research Fellow

Dr. David Lowry is a senior research fellow at IRSS.  He is also an independent research consultant based in London, UK, with specialist knowledge of UK and EU nuclear and environment policy.  On behalf of members of the UK and European parliaments, he has drafted numerous parliamentary questions, motions, speeches, and articles.



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